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Posted by robert on January 23, 2002 at 20:38:10:

Hi,my name is Robert alcoholic,addict.Friday we all lost BOB L. but for me I lost my sponser,my spiritual adviser,and most of all I lost my one true friend. Ipicked BOB for a sponser after hearing him speaker at a few meetings.I knew I could share my 26yr. sikness with him cause well,he had been therebefore me.In the past 17 months we shared a bunch of stuff.Some of it new,some of it old,some good,and some bad.But most most importantly we shared our love of sobriety. BOB had a hell of alot more of it than I had.In fact he recently gave me my 6 month chip and he told me he loved me,I know he meant it. I look back now and one of the biggest honors ever given to me in sobriety was to present BOB with his 19yr medalion.At the time I did this I told him maybe you'll give me my 19th.BOB said,"no way,but I'll settle for a 1yr".You see I never thought anymore about it after that.But I do now and always will. Okay I'll close by saying BOB lived and loved for today and he would tell you so.So look around ,spread your love around,because life comes and goes at a blink of an eye.For God's sake,do like my friend BOB did,make the best of it 24hrs a day,one day at a time. THANK YOU ALL.

In Loving Memory of Bob Lilly (1944-2002)