BoB L.

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Posted by Yvonne on January 23, 2002 at 21:22:35:

Bob had a special way of carry AA's message, wearing a pink bandana, and pink suspenders. I really don't think anyone else could have pulled this off. He was always polite ( in his own way of course ). I met Bob when he first moved to Ga from Fla. He sure did come along way since 1988-89, He always had a hug, smile, and a line "Your the only one I love Baby". He didn't care if you were Man, Woman, or Child, you would him say this. He didn't have a problem telling you to get off your pitypot. He touch alot of lives any many different ways, and places. God Blessed him greatly with a loving Wife, and a hugh AA family in all parts of the World. We find much of heaven here on earth, and I know that Bob is now basking in the sunlite of the spirit. Oh what a glorlious day it must be for him. We shall all surly be with him one day. As my husband, and daughter are, and many of our loved ones. God Bless Us and Keep Us untill then.

In Loving Memory of Bob Lilly (1944-2002)