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Posted by Mark on January 28, 2002 at 06:51:15:

I had the honor to meet Bob at my first meeting. I introduced myself as a new comer he told me to stand up. I did. Then he said "good now sit the F**k down!" I new I would like this guy. I never have meet anyone or will meet anyone like Bob Lilly. He was someone with such a free spirit. A man that wears obnoxious t-shirts and pink bandannas and lived AA. He was a trip. HE WAS FREE! He truely was a messager from God. He reached me and said, I LOVE YOU with his actions and words. I will never forget that smile and I will never forget his message. He helped so many others that are in my life today and I thank God and Bob for this. Love the ones that are close to you we are only hear for a short time.
To his family... Your father , your husband, your grandfather was a great man! Thank You for loving him so that he could love us! Many younger AA members in the Marietta area are sober because of that Love. To his sponers ..Thank You for your message of love to BOB.
-Mark S.

In Loving Memory of Bob Lilly (1944-2002)