Freedom Club: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Freedom Club an A.A. group?
    No. The Freedom Club is a non-profit corporation which provides a safe meeting place for 12-step groups. Several autonomous groups, such as Wickburners, Lost & Found and Young Adults, meet at the Freedom Club. The Freedom Club hosts some events and operates as consistent as possible on spiritual principles, but does not hold 12-step meetings.

Why pay membership dues to the Freedom Club?
    Simply put, we need membership dues to pay club expenses, such as rent for meeting space, a phone line, coffee, all of which we often take for granted. Membership dues have traditionally paid for 1/4 of club expenses. For many club members, paying dues is a small way to give back to the place where our groups meet.

How much are dues?
    Freedom Club membership dues are $10 per month, or $100 per year.

Interested in starting a 12-step meeting?
    There are time spots available for new groups and we welcome new meetings. Click here for more information.

For more information:
    Weekly Meeting Schedule: Complete list of meetings
    Freedom Club By-Laws: How the Club operates

Your question not answered?
    You can submit a question here.

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